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About T-N-T 
Extreme Dance 

I come from a long line of talented dancers. Both my mother and my uncle were national baton twirling champions.  My mother started her own dance studio at a young age and understood the importance of the dance world. My mother put me and my siblings in dance classes at a young age, which happen to be  her very own dance studio, "Curtain Call." Dance taught me dedication, confidence, and how to be a team player. The best part of it all was I had fun and enjoyed every moment of it. I knew early on I wanted to open my own studio and eventually give my children the opportunity to continue the family business. I opened my first studio at age seventeen and later had two children. I put both of my children in dance, my son to help with his flat feet and my daughter in hopes she would fall in love with dance as I did. Fast forward twenty years later, my daughter Taylor not only loves dance but is now my co-director and will soon be ready to take on the studio as  owner. 

Tara Jurgovan 

- Director/Owner

Mission Statement 

The Company

  • Our dance company is a place where dancers create, discover, and grow as individuals within a team.

  • We use our integrated approach that involves, improving technique and performance while emphasizing the importance of a strong character to build a powerful dancer.

  • We believe that great dancers have passion for the art, commitment to meeting their potential and gain inspiration from a positive community.

  • We bring together bright individuals who dedicate themselves to challenging the imagination and igniting the passion in every dancer.

T-N-T Extreme dance aims to encourage all of our dancers to strive for excellence in the studio and in their daily lives. Our studio emphasizes raising great humans, ahead of great dancers. We prioritize unity from the moment you walk through our doors. You are not just a dancer at our studio, but you are family. 

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