-Monthly Pricing-

$50.00- One class or 1 dancer

$85.00 -Two classes or 2 dancers(Same family)

$125.00- Three classes or 3 dancers(Same family) 

$160.00-Four classes or 4 dancers (Same family)

$20 registration yearly for monthly pricing



-Competition Monthly Unlimited Pricing-

                                    $125.00 unlimited for 1 dancer                                     

                                         $225.00 unlimited for 2 dancers                                        

                                          $300.00 unlimited for 3 dancers                                         

  $375.00 unlimited for 4 dancers


-Recreational Monthly Unlimited Pricing-

 $75.00 unlimited for 1 dancer

 $140.00 unlimited for 2 dancers

                                          $200.00 unlimited for 3 dancers                                         

 $255.00 unlimited for 4 dancers

                        One time registration fee for unlimited classes                       

                               $100.00 for one dancer                               

$150 for two or more dancers

Unlimited classes are based on a one year contract and you never pay the registration fee if you continue to pay your monthly dues. If you do not pay your monthly dues for unlimited classes and decide to rejoin you will be responsible to repay the membership fee.